The Stones in the Movies

If some of the monuments featured in this website have appeared in a movie, here below you’ll find the movie title along with a short note. Very rarely a monument is shown in a movie with its real name or function, sometimes these monuments are used to represent something else, even in a totally different place, but sometimes they are mere background items in a scene and have absolutely no purposes in the story.
Click on a movie title to learn more about it. Each title provides production notes, a synopsis and a list of monuments appeared in that movie that you can find in this website.

Barry Lyndon

Hawk Films / Peregrine Productions (1975) - Directed by Stanley Kubrick


Icon Company / The Ladd Company (1995) - Directed by Mel Gibson


First Look Media / Cinerenta / Irish Dreamtime (2002) - Directed by Bruce Beresford


Orion Pictures (1981) - Directed by John Boorman

Far and Away

Imagine Entertainment (1992) - Directed by Ron Howard

Flight of the Doves

Columbia Pictures / Rainbow Releasing (1971) - Directed by Ralph Nelson

Guns in the Heather

Walt Disney Company (1969) - Directed by Robert Butler

High Spirits

Vision PDG (1988) - Directed by Neil Jordan

Night People

Rogue Frame Films (2015) - Directed by Gerard Lough

North Sea Hijack

Cinema Seven Productions (1979) - Directed by Andrew Victor McLaglen

Ryan's Daughter

Faraway Productions (1970) - Directed by David Lean

The Butcher Boy

Geffen Film Company (1997) - Directed by Neil Jordan

The McKenzie Break

Levy-Gardner-Laven (1970) - Directed by Lamont Johnson

The Medallion

Screen Gems / Emperor Multimedia Group (2002) - Directed by Gordon Chan

The Quiet Man

Argosy Pictures (1952) - Directed by John Ford

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The Stones in the Movies


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