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The McKenzie Break
Levy-Gardner-Laven (1970) - Directed by Lamont Johnson
Cast: Brian Keith, Helmut Griem, Ian Hendry, Patrick O'Connell, Jack Watson
Synopsis: Loosely based on real events.
In a prisoner of war camp in the northern Scotland, German Kapitän Willi Schlüter repeatedly challenges Major Perry, the camp commanding officer. The British Army sends Captain Jack Connor in to investigate. Connor thinks that these rebellion acts are attempts to cover an escape plan. As a matter of fact Schlüter and his men are secretly digging a long tunnel to take them out of the camp and he's sending coded letters to Germany. On a night Schlüter along with 28 men manage to escape from the camp. Connor breaks the code and starts looking for the escapees. Schlüter and his men flee on a furniture truck and head for the coast where they burn the truck, but the fire is located by Connor. While the German prisoners attempt to reach and board a U-Boat that is waiting for them off the coast, Connor deploys some torpedo boats towards the fugitives. The U-Boat quickly dives along with 25 prisoners, Schlüter and three of his men are left behind and captured by Connor.
Monuments: Bunmahon Copper Mine
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The Stones in the Movies


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