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Ryan's Daughter
Faraway Productions (1970) - Directed by David Lean
Cast: Sarah Miles, Robert Mitchum, Trevor Howard, John Mills, Christopher Jones, Leo McKern
Synopsis: Rosy, the bored daughter of the publican Tom Ryan in the fictional village of Kirrary, falls in love with and then marries the local schoolmaster Charles Shaughnessy thinking that her life will change to a brighter side. In fact nothing changes. Her father Tom welcomes everybody in his bar, both villagers and British soldiers. One day Major Randolph Doryan, a veteran of WWI with a crippled leg, arrives at the local British military base. Rosy gets attracted by him and begins a passionate affair with him. Charles suspects something but thinks it's just thoughts. Michael is a mentally impaired villager who accidentally discovers their affair and involuntarily lets the whole village know about it. Tim O'Leary is a IRB leader and on a stormy night he and some comrades of his arrive at Ryan's bar to smuggle some German weapons in the country, Tom agrees to help them, but when O'Leary and his men leave the bar Tom calls the British. When all the weapons and ammunition are recovered from the shore during the storm, the trucks move up the hills but the British troops, alerted by Tom and led by Doryan, await them. O'Leary flees up the hills, Doryan shoots and wounds him, but the recoil of his rifle unbalances the crippled Doryan who falls on the ground with Rosy that promptly runs to help him. The villagers now have the evidence of Michael's hints and are convinced that she informed the British about the smuggling, so assault her, shear off her hair and strip off her clothes under the helpless look of her husband and father. Later that day Doryan commits suicide and on the following day Rosy and Charles leave the village for Dublin.
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The Stones in the Movies


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