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Night People
Rogue Frame Films (2015) - Directed by Gerard Lough
Cast: Michael Parle, Jack Dean-Sheperd, Claire Blennerhassett, Sarah Louise Carney, Aidan O'Sullivan, Eoin Leahy, Philip Doherty, Andrew Norry
Synopsis: Luke and Mike are two criminals who are hired to set fire to a vacant house for an insurance scam. They are both in the house during the night and have to wait for an hour to give their mate the time to hack all CCTV systems in the area.
They decide to kill that hour by telling each other a scary story.
Mike is the first and tells Luke of three men who find a mysterious, likely alien, object half buried within a ring fort on a hill. They recover the object from the ground, but one of the three men, Robert, deceits the others and takes the mysterious thing to Adam, a geek. Adam decides to help Robert to understand what the mysterious object is, and after observing and analyzing it for a few days they found out it is a machine coming from another planet and that has the ability to transport other objects to another dimension. Robert would like to sell the machine to make lots of money, Adam is more cautious, he would like to understand more of its power and asks Robert a few months time before selling it. Robert is suspicious and hires a professional to find out whether Adam is going to cheat him. This professional, Mark, installs a tracking software in Adam's PC, but Adam finds that out and, unseen, move the machine to a secret hiding. Robert finds the place using the tracking software, attacks and fights Adam, but the latter activates the machine and makes Robert vanish. Mark tells Beth, Robert's girlfriend, that he's dead due to an alien machine probably taken away by Adam.
Four years later the alien object is discovered half buried in the sand into a cave by the sea and taken away by three other men.
Mike is disappointed by the shallow end of Luke's story and it's his turn to tell the scary story about Faustina, a night hotel manager who runs a second job where she arranges dates for wealthy customers with perverted desires. One day her accomplice Matt asks her for something unusual on behalf of someone else. So Faustina meets with Lilian, a dancer at a club, and finds herself involved in a uncomfortable situation. Lilian asks Faustina to meet some men and draw blood from them. It turns out that Lilian is a vampire. And at the end of the story Faustine herself is turned to a vampire by Lilian, finding her freedom and peace at last.
At the end of the second story the two criminals step forward to play the plan they were hired for, but Mike kills Luke, draw some blood from him, takes the alien machine out of a bag and makes Luke's corpse disappear. It is dawn when he finishes, and leave the house where they had broken into. This was Luke's parents' house.
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