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Far and Away
Imagine Entertainment (1992) - Directed by Ron Howard
Cast: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Colm Meaney, Thomas Gibson, Robert Prosky, Barbara Babcock
Synopsis: In 1892, during a protest against an English landlord, Joe Donnelly is injured and dies in his son Joseph's arms. Joseph seeks revenge and goes to his landlord Daniel Christie's home to kill him. His rifle is old and rusty and explodes in his hands. Christie helps him and takes him in his house where Joseph meets Shannon, Christie's daughter. Shannon is prisoner of the high society rules of her family and is promised to Stephen Chase, one of Christie's faithful men. She dreams of a new life and that very night she runs away and takes the ship to Boston, asking Joseph to go with her. She has learned that in America many plots of land are going to be given away for free. On the ship she meets McGuire who promises them to help in Boston but he steals all Shannon's belongings. Joseph and Shannon are alone and without money in Boston. They meet Mike Kelly, an Irish immigrant who leads the Irish community in Boston. He finds them a room and a job. Mike runs a fight house and Joseph joins the fights. He goes to the club every night and always wins. He soon becomes an idol to Mike. In Ireland the land war goes on and Christie's house is burned down. Daniel Christie and his wife leaves to Boston along with Stephen.
Meanwhile Shannon finds out what Joseph does and runs to the club during a fight. Joseph gets distracted by her presence at the club and gets beaten. Mike Kelly is disappointed by Joseph's defeat and gets rid of the couple during a cold winter night. They seek shelter in a house but the owner finds them and shoots Shannon. Joseph had previously learned that Shannon's family is in the city and takes her to their house where she will be cured.
Joseph leaves Boston and gets a job at the making of the new railway to west. One day he sees a group of wagon going to Oklahoma where the plots are being given to the new settlers. He leaves the job and joins the wagons. He'll be able to take part to the land run. At the starting point Joseph meets Shannon again, but Stephen threatens him of death if he goes near Shannon again. On the day of the run Joseph rides an untamed horse but he reaches Shannon and Stephen at the plot of land that Stephen had found earlier. The two men fight, Shannon tries to defend Joseph revealing her true feelings for him. Stephen leaves in anger, Shannon and Joseph can claim the plot of their dreams.
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The Stones in the Movies


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