Monuments in a range of 20 km from Carrowmore Tomb 56 (Passage Tomb)

11 mCarrowmore Tomb 57 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
96 mCarrowmore Tomb 59 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
96 mCarrowmore Tomb 51 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
109 mCarrowmore Tomb 54 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
110 mCarrowmore Tomb 58 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
132 mCarrowmore Tomb 52 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
154 mCarrowmore Tomb 52A (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
156 mCarrowmore Tomb 55 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
175 mCarrowmore Tomb 1 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
187 mCarrowmore Tomb 2 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
198 mCarrowmore Tomb 3 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
213 mCarrowmore Tomb 15 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
225 mCarrowmore Tomb 4 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
240 mCarrowmore Tomb 17 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
252 mCarrowmore Tomb 18 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
264 mCarrowmore Tomb 48 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
288 mCarrowmore Tomb 13 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
306 mCarrowmore Tomb 19 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
312 mCarrowmore Tomb 49 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
324 mCarrowmore Tomb 20 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
348 mCarrowmore Tomb 7 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
379 mCarrowmore Tomb 22 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
382 mCarrowmore Tomb 27 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
402 mCarrowmore Tomb 26 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
506 mCarrowmore Stone Circle (Sligo, Stone Circle)
587 mCarrowmore Tomb 36 (Sligo, Stone Circle)
592 mCarrowmore Hut (Sligo, Prehistoric Settlement)
596 mCarrowmore Ring Fort (Sligo, Ring Fort)
650 mCarrowmore Tomb 37 (Sligo, Passage Tomb)
3.7 kmQueen Medb's (Sligo, Cairn)
3.9 kmSligo Abbey (Sligo, Church)
4.7 kmTobernalt (Sligo, Holy Well)
8.6 kmDrumcliffe (Sligo, High Cross)
8.6 kmDrumcliffe (Sligo, Round Tower)
9.1 kmMoymlough (Sligo, Castle)
9.4 kmMagheraghanrush (Sligo, Court Tomb)
10 kmSt. Patrick's (Sligo, Holy Well)
10.4 kmCarrowmorris (Sligo, Court Tomb)
11.1 kmArdabrone (Sligo, Portal Tomb)
13.1 kmCabragh (Sligo, Wedge Tomb)
13.6 kmCreevelea Friary (Leitrim, Church)
14.7 kmKilvarnet (Sligo, Church)
17.7 kmBallymote Friary (Sligo, Church)
18 kmBallymote (Sligo, Castle)
18.1 kmCourt Abbey (Sligo, Church)
18.3 kmKeeloges (Sligo, Stone Figure)
19.5 kmBarnacoghil (Sligo, Castle)
19.9 kmBallynaglogh Abbey (Sligo, Church)

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