Monuments in a range of 20 km from Puck's (Castle)

642 mRathmichael (Dublin, Church)
865 mRathmichael (Dublin, Cross)
1.7 kmBallyman (Dublin, Portal Tomb)
1.7 kmTully (Dublin, Church)
1.8 kmLaughanstown (Dublin, Cross)
1.8 kmLaughanstown (Dublin, Cross)
2.1 kmKiltuck (Dublin, Cross)
2.6 kmBallybrack (Dublin, Portal Tomb)
3.1 kmKilternan (Dublin, Church)
3.3 kmKillegar (Wicklow, Church)
4 kmFassaroe (Wicklow, Cross)
4.1 kmKill of the Grange (Dublin, Church)
4.3 kmGlencullen (Dublin, Standing Stone)
4.4 kmParknasillogue (Wicklow, Kist)
5 kmKilgobbin (Dublin, Church)
5 kmKilgobbin (Dublin, High Cross)
5.9 kmRaheen na Clig (Wicklow, Church)
5.9 kmDalkey Avenue (Dublin, Cross Slab)
6.1 kmDalkey (Archibold's) (Dublin, Castle)
6.1 kmSt. Begnet's (Dublin, Church)
6.1 kmDalkey (Dublin, Tau Cross)
6.7 kmBulloch (Dublin, Castle)
7.2 kmOnagh (Wicklow, Portal Tomb)
7.8 kmKilmurry (Wicklow, Standing Stone)
8.5 kmKilmashogue (Dublin, Wedge Tomb)
9.6 kmSt. Crispin's Cell (Wicklow, Church)
10.4 kmHall's Barn (Dublin, Weird Thing)
11.6 kmDelgany (Wicklow, Cross)
11.6 kmDelgany (Wicklow, Church)
12.1 kmSt. Colmcille's (Dublin, Holy Well)
12.7 kmHell Fire Club (Dublin, Weird Thing)
14.5 kmDublin Castle - Record Tower (Dublin, Castle)
14.6 kmChrist Church Cathedral (Dublin, Church)
14.8 kmSt. Audoen's (Dublin, Church)
15.3 kmSt. Maelruain's (Dublin, Cross)
15.3 kmSt. Maelruain's (Dublin, Church)
15.7 kmBallinascorney (Dublin, Cross)
17.2 kmHowth - Deer Park Hotel (Dublin, Portal Tomb)
17.4 kmDaniel O'Connell Memorial Tower (Dublin, Weird Thing)
18 kmHowth (Dublin, Castle)
18.1 kmKnockmaridhe (Dublin, Linkardstown Burial)
18.3 kmSt. Mary's (Dublin, Church)
18.8 kmClondalkin (Dublin, Church)
18.8 kmClondalkin (Dublin, Cross)
18.9 kmClondalkin (Dublin, Round Tower)
19.4 kmBoherboy (Dublin, Stone Row)
19.8 kmNethercross (Dublin, Cross)
19.9 kmSt. Canice's Abbey (Dublin, Church)

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