Who am I? I’m a fifty-something years old Italian enthusiast of every monument made from stone that can be found in the Irish countryside as well as in the Irish villages, towns and cities.

My love for this kind of monuments dates from when I was still a kid. Probably something Irish was in me since I was born.
My wife developed a strong interest in these monuments after only one holiday, and since our first travel she thought that Ireland could have been the destination for our future travels for many years.

These stones make us feel new vibrations and new sensations. When we're among these stones we feel better and it’s like they have something to tell anyone who want to listen to them.

Somebody asks me if I am an archaeologist or something like that. Actually no, I am not. My job is completely different from visiting ancient sites or tombs. But a hobby or a passion does need to be totally different from the everyday activity, doesn’t it?

We also visited similar monuments in Great Britain, but although the sites may look alike, the atmosphere of the Irish countryside compared to the British one makes me tend to go back to Ireland rather than to Great Britain. Even the people are much more welcoming.
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