Magheraghanrush Court Tomb




N 54° 16' 45.5"   W 008° 22' 53.1"

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G 75205 36787

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Wednesday 4 June 2014

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The whole complex of the court tombs seen from the northeast.

We almost didn't recognize the place. When we came here for the first time on May 8th, 2002, we were amazed by the location. A huge double court tomb in a clearing of Deerpark Forest among tall pine trees at the end of a quietful path through other tall trees.
This time the site was in an open space with views all around! Almost all the tree had been felled!

Unlike all other court tombs seen so far, this one has a closed court with three chambers facing towards the enclosed area.
The nearly rectangular court is 15 metres long and 7 metres wide along a southeast-northwest axis.
One chamber is at the northwest (300°) end of the court and is 7 metres long and 3 metres wide, divided in two sections by two jamb stones.
The other two tombs are on the opposite end of the court. One has its rear end towards southeast (100°) and is 7 metres long and 1.90 metres wide, divided in two sections by two jamb stones. The third chamber is to southeast (110°), 6 metres long and 2.30 metres wide, divided in two sections by the usual jamb stones.
The second main feature of this monument, apart from the closed structure, is the massive broken lintel above the entrance of the chamber at 100°.
This tomb was probably built around 3000 BC and would have contained the cremated remains of several individuals along with stone tools, stone and bone beads and pottery.
From the car park there's a path around the hill which is highly recommended for the views. Anyway, if you don't walk to walk that much there's a shorter way to the tomb on a path towards south. The tomb is 13 minute walk far from the car park, the path can be quite steep. There's a map of the park at the car park, read it carefully before beginning your trip, there are no other signs along the path.

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