Druid's Circle Stone Circle




N 51° 52' 42.3"   W 009° 35' 17.5"

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V 90680 70714

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Tuesday 25 June 2013

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From roughly the east.

We came here for the first time on May 16th, 2000, and it was pouring rain.
This time the heavy rain had just stopped and the sun was shining, casting a bright light on the stones and the grass.
This magnificent stone circle is very well looked after, probably too well. It's enclosed in a four-side wall of cypress and thuja trees that shuts the rest of the world outside. Other shrubs are at the entrance. The ground is smooth and the grass is mowed very low. The place looks like the front garden of a house.
There are 15 stones forming the circle on a diameter of about 14 metres on the north-south axis. The shortest stone is at the west (270°). This must be the axial, or recumbent, stone and measures about 35 centimetres of height and 1.26 metres of length.
The tallest stone is at north (0°) and stands at a height of 1.22 centimetres with a width of 90 centimetres. This stone leans to the east by about 10° and to the north by about 22°.
In the centre of the circle is a boulder burial, a large boulder that rests on three smaller stones and with an axis that looks at the recumbent stone. The boulder has a diameter of about 1.60 metres and it's about 70 centimetres thick. The upper surface of the boulder has two cupmarks.
Unfortunately an oak tree grows next to the east end stone and its presence ruins the complete view of the circle.
Upon entering the lane that leads to the stone circle, visitors meet a small timber booth with a donation box called "The honesty box". Visitors are required to leave an offer of 2 euro for the mantaining of the site.

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