Killeagh Sheela-na-Gig




N 51° 57' 12.2"   W 007° 59' 58.8"

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X 00072 77865

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Date of visit

Thursday 20 June 2013

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Down there, in the deep forest, there's a dovecot, I swear!

This time we succeded in finding this nice sheela-na-gig.
We first tried to reach it in 2010, but the poor co-operation of the town people and the refuse of the locals in helping us led us to give up the researches.
This time we were more stubborn and we found it even without the help of the unfriendly people of Killeagh.
So we started from the thatched pub in town and drove north on the L3806 road for 1.6 km, then we took the first road on the left and after 250 metres we found a sharp bend to the right. From here three narrow lanes depart, one to the south and two to the west. The right one is the paved lane to the west. It goes past a house with a brown timber fence on the right, after 480 metres there's an abandoned farm house. Past this house, after about 20 metres there's a backyard. We parked here and walked northwest (300°) for 15 metres. The sheela-na-gig is on the right, on the southwest (230°) wall of an overgrown dovecot totally hidden by the trees.
The figure is 2.15 metres from the ground, and measure 47 centimetres in height and 31 centimetres in width. It protrudes from the surface of the stone slab by about 6 centimetres.
The figure has a triangular head with a almost flat top, her hair flows down on both sides. She has two big round eyes and a visible mouth.
Her ribs are well visible. Her left arm is raised and holds something that looks like a knife or a dagger. Her right arm passes behind her right thigh and reaches her exaggerated vulva. Her wrists are adorned with bracelets, three on her right wrist, two on the left wrist. Her legs are spread apart, both feet are broken but the right one is completely missing.
Useless to say that we felt very proud of ourselves after finding it.
Taking photos of this sheela-na-gig is quite hard due the poor light under the thick vegetation.

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