Vesey Bridge Decorative Slab




N 53° 21' 26.5"   W 006° 27' 00.0"

Nearest town

Lucan Village

Grid Ref.

O 03253 35224

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Elevation a.s.l. (m)


Date of visit

Sunday 9 June 2013

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The best photo I could get of this decorated slab on the Vesey Bridge in Lucan Village.

The decorative slab depicts two young women showing their dresses each other, or something like that.
The bridge was built in 1773, 240 years ago, so I assume that the slab is as old as the bridge itself.
This plaque or slab is placed in a very unhappy position, on the outer side of the downstream parapet of the Vesey Bridge across the River Griffeen. There's no easy point of view for this slab, so any attempt to take a photo of it can lead to disappointing results.
The photo I took of it isn't of good quality. I already tried to get a good picture of the slab in the past, but I always failed, and this one might be the best.

UPDATE: May 24th, 2014 - We returned to this bridge and I finally took a better photo of the decoration on the other side of its parapet.
The parapet is about 1.50 metres high in the point where this plaque is, and it's about 65 centimetres thick, so taking a photo on the other side, especially of something that is almost at the road level, can be quite difficult.
Anyway, the plaque depicts three young women dressed in long gowns holding each other's hand in a kind of chain, like they were dancing. It appears that more women were present at the venue, because the first woman holds the hand of someone else not visible in the scene, and the same thing does the third woman at the other end of the plaque.
The plaque measures about 132 centimetres of width and 68 centimetres of height.
Unfortunately the vegetation grown on this side of the bridge makes difficult to take a clear photo of the stonework.

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