Drombeg Stone Circle




N 51° 33' 52.4"   W 009° 05' 13.3"

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Union Hall

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W 24671 35158

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Wednesday 2 June 2010

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A view of this beautiful stone circle from the south.

Probably the most famous stone circle in Ireland.
We came here again after 16 years (it was July 2nd, 1994) and it looks quite different than in 1994. The road that leads here is wider, the place is better signposted and, above all, it does have a car park. Another thing that has changed since 1994 is that the circle has been cleaned around and maybe restored. I didn't remember the neat ground around and inside the circle.
All of these things lead to the fact that this place is more easily reachable and hence busier.
The circle has 17 upright stones on a diameter of 8 metres. The recumbent stone is on the southwest (230°) side of the arrangment, it's 96 centimetres tall, 2.10 metres wide and 50 centimetres thick. On its top surface there are two shallow cupmarks and of them is surrounded by a circular carving.
On the other side of the circle are two entrance stones which are 1.80 metres and 1.81 metres tall, and 1.05 metres and 1.17 metres wide. They're about 75 metres apart.

Two other interesting features are in this same place. One is a well and a cooking place (fulacht fiadh in Irish), 35 metres west-southwest (240°) from the circle. The other feature is a pair of stone huts, or what remains of them, 35 metres west (260°) from the stone circle.
The cooking place and the well were surrounded by a stone enclosure. In this place the water from the well was put in the trough and was boiled by putting hot stones into the water. The stones were heated into the fire of a hearth.
The two stone huts were linked to the cooking place by a footpath. The smaller of the two huts had a cooking place of its own.

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