Kilkieran High Cross




N 52° 23' 52.0"   W 007° 22' 51.0"

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S 42195 27497

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Wednesday 20 June 2007

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The west cross seen from the west. The red and yellow stick is 1 metre long, for scale. The cross is 3 metres tall, 40 centimetres wide at the base and 30 centimetres thick.

We visited this wonderful place some years before, it was June 4th, 2001, but we were in the area, so we stopped again. It's an old graveyard with four high crosses and other interesting things dated from the 9th century. This was an ancient monastery, but almost nothing of it remains today.
From the gate on the road we walked south for 50 metres down to a turnstile. From here the first high cross is 25 metres far. This is the only cross at the site that is completely decorated with spirals, knots and other patterns. On the east side of its base there's the carving of eight horsemen. It's 3 metres tall, 40 centimetres wide at the base and 30 centimetres thick. It stands on a pedestal 60 centimetres tall.
The shaft of a second cross is 4 metres southeast from the west cross. It's 1.40 metres tall, 30 centimetres wide and only 18 centimetres thick.
A very particular cross is 14 metres southeast from the second one. It's a very slender and thin and with very shaft arms, a unique cross in all Ireland. This thin and undecorated cross is 3.20 metres tall, and 25 centimetres thick and wide. It's called the south cross and stands on a pedestal that is 35 centimetres tall.
The fourth cross is 5 metres northeast from the thin cross. It's 2.35 metres tall, 30 centimetres thick at its base and 25 centimetres thick. It stands on a pedestal that is 45 centimetres tall.
A standing stone stands 15 metres east from the fourth cross. The standing stone is only 80 centimetres tall and 40 centimetres wide.
The coordinates for this site have been taken at the west cross.
In the graveyard there are also the remains of two small buildings, probably early churches, and a holy well dedicated to St. Kieran.

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