Cavan Burren Park - Giant's Leap Wedge Tomb




N 54° 15' 57.18"   W 007° 52' 47.94"

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H 07818 35236

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Thursday 6 June 2019

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This is how the tomb looks like at the end of the 440 metres long footpath among the trees.

What a day!
When we started our day at the Cavan Park the weather was rather good and dry, but as soon as we began the tour in the park it started raining very heavily and we had to wait nearly 3 hours in the car for the rain to ease off.

This wedge tomb is situated in the most remote part of the forest park and there's a long and well-built footpath to it.
This tomb is wonderful and in rather good conditions, with all the side stones in their place. Some kerb stones are also visible along the sides of the tomb at about 1.30 metres from the chamber stones.
The monument is 5.80 metres long without counting the outer kerb stones, and a bit more than 2 metres wide at the rear.
There are four large roof stones covering the gallery. The entrance looks to the west-southwest (250°), and is closed by a septal slab. On this same side there's a portico formed by two side stones, two front stones and a roof stone decorated with cupmarks from 2 to 5 centimetres of diameter, and ring marks from 10 to 15 centimetres of diameter.
Another stone closes the gap between the two front stones, forming a square antechamber.
One of the stones on the south-southeast side of the gallery has a cupmark too, of about 1.5 centimetres of diameter, too precise to be natural.

This wedge tomb stands is a cleared area that had several more trees until a few years ago. From some photos I had seen, this tomb was hidden in the woods, now there's a good amount of room around it.

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