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N 54° 24' 09.36"   W 008° 24' 36.06"

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G 73379 50521

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Tuesday 4 June 2019

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The carved figure set in the gatepost masonry.

In the Keeloges graveyard at Ballintrick there are two things to see. The first one is the ruinous Romanesque church, now completely overgrown, but interesting in that it has a wonderful pointed doorway in the south (165°) wall. A walled up window is in the north wall. There might be more windows, but the vegetation has taken over the ruins and most of the wall surface is hidden. Not much is visible of this building, but it might have been a wonderful and elegant church. The masonry is fine and neat.
The church is aligned to the east-northeast (75°).

The other item not to be missed at Keeloges graveyard is the stone figure built in the left gatepost at the entrance of the cemetery.
The stone figure represent a human head and is on the outer side of the gatepost, at 99 centimetres from the ground, and it looks to the east-southeast (165°).
The top part of the head seems to be missing at the eyebrows level. The two eyes are round and bulging out, the nose is big and flat, wide at the bottom, the mouth seems to be slightly open with swollen lips. The head has no ears and it seems that the right side has been damaged, as has been the chin.
The stone head measures 19 centimetres of height and 15 centimetres of width.
It is possible that the figure was once above the east window in the church and was later moved to the current position when the church started crumbling down.
It is said that kissing this stone figure three times at midnight would cure a toothache.

In the graveyard there are some old and interesting grave slabs. A bullaun stone lies at the back of the pillar with the carved head.
The Benwiskin overlooks the site from the southwest.

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