Robinstown Great Stone Circle




N 52° 24' 26.7"   W 006° 48' 35.04"

Nearest town

New Ross

Grid Ref.

S 80985 29102

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Elevation a.s.l. (m)


Date of visit

Wednesday 6 June 2018

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The group of stones crowns the top of the hill.

Some sources refer to this site as a four-poster stone circle, but the presence of other smaller stones to the southwest and a flat quartz boulder among them makes the whole thing a bit confusing.
I would dare to say that this might be a boulder burial with some standing stones arranged in two parallel rows on each side.
But I think I would stick with the majority and classify this monument as a stone circle.

The first four tall stones are arranged in a rectangle that measures 5 metres on the northeast-southwest axis, and 4.40 metres on the southeast-northwest axis, with the quartz stone at the centre of this rectangle, and they are at the northeast (40°) side of the whole set of stones. The other three smaller stones are grouped at the southwest (220°) end.
Two other small stones poke out the ground at the southeast side of the main group, the smallest one is between the two southeast stones of first group, the other one lies almost flat next to the easternmost tall stone.
This latter stone is 1.38 metres tall and 1.05 metres wide at the base.
The stone to the southwest of it is 1.43 metres tall and 80 centimetres wide at the base. This stone has a different shape when seen from each of the two sides.
The tall stone across from the second one is 1.62 metres tall, and is the tallest stone of the whole monument. When seen from the southwest, this stone has the shape of a bottle.
The northeasternmost stone of the first group is just 98 centimetres tall and 1 metre wide at the base.

The tallest of the three stones at the southwest end of the monument is 85 centimetres tall. The overall length of the monument, including the three smaller stones, is 9.20 metres.

Dozens of sheep wanted to see what we were doing on their field.
We tried to visit the place in the past, but we didn't find the owner so we didn't venture.

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