St. Deguman's Church




N 52° 12' 12.48"   W 006° 35' 53.4"

Nearest town

Kilmore Quay

Grid Ref.

S 95818 06670

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Date of visit

Wednesday 6 June 2018

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St. Deguman's church ruins seen from the northeast.

St. Deguman's Church in Killag is located on the road from Kilmore Quay to Duncormick.
This is one the three churches dedicated to the same Welsh saint in county Wexford.

It is divided into a long nave and a small chancel. The masonry uses colored stones that give the church a nice look. The west gable has a small rectangular window and traces of a double bell-cot.
The east (75°) window is just a large lancet one, with no tracery or moulding.
The south wall has a series of opening and breaches. There's a lintelled small window at the west end of the wall, next to it there's an lancet doorway. Another round-headed wide doorway is to the east of the first one, then there's a breach halfway in the wall and another one in the east end of it.
The north wall has one rectangular window at the east end.
Inside the church, next to the round-headed doorway, there's a hole in the ground, that might look like the access to a crypt or a souterrain. Not far from this, is a cross-base.

The passage between the chancel and the nave is a lintelled doorway, with two massive stone blocks as door jambs. From the inside of the chancel the east window is set into a recess, with an ambry in the northeast corner and a piscina in the southeast corner.
Two recesses in the north wall and one in the south wall of the chancel might mark some memorials or tombs. In the middle of the chancel there's an obelisk memorial.

Unfortunately the interiors of the church were invaded by stinging nettles on the time of our visit, so it wasn't easy to explore the church better.

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