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Flight of the Doves
Columbia Pictures / Rainbow Releasing (1971) - Directed by Ralph Nelson
Cast: Jack Wild, Helen Raye, Ron Moody, William Rushton, Dana, Dorothy McGuire, Stanley Holloway
Synopsis: Finn and Derval Dove are two orphan kids who live in Liverpool with Tobias Cromwell, the second husband of their deceased mother.
Tobias is a wicked man who treats the two kids without love and respect, to the extent that the two kids plan to run away to their grandmother Mary O'Flaherty who lives in county Galway, Ireland.
Finn and Derval are the beneficiaries to an annual trust of $10,000 from their grandfather, but in case of their death the money will pass to their uncle John Cyril Dove, also known as Hawk Dove, an actor in the art of disguise but with a poor reception from the audience.
He disguises as Maxwell Purdon, a solicitor, and goes to Tobias's house to kidnap the kids, but Finn and Derval manage to get a ferry to Dublin. Tobias and Maxwell report the two kids missing to the British police who inform the Garda in Dublin.
In Ireland Tobias meets the Inspector Walcott, another disguise from Hawk Dove, and along with Detective Rourke, he starts looking for the kids.
Along the road to county Galway, Finn and Derval meet several people that try to report them to the police to claim the £100 reward put by Tobias. One of these people is Powder, a tinker, who calls the police which arrives too late because Miss Marblestone, a new disguise from Hawk Dove, takes Finn and Derval away on her car. Miss Marblestone stops at a castle on a high cliff with the plan to get rid of the kids, but Hawk Dove slips and falls into the sea.
Finn and Derval run away and eventually they get to their granny's house. The Gardaí, Tobias, the TV and local people gather at the house. The kids hide in an outbuilding. Hawk Dove, disguised as Dermot Cochrane, a neighbour of their grandmother's, leads the kids away and try to kill them, but Derval convinces him not to do it.
Judge Liffy arrives at the house and rules that the custody of the kids is on the grandmother. Tobias is pardoned, Hawk Dove manages to escape again.
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The Stones in the Movies


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