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Barry Lyndon
Hawk Films / Peregrine Productions (1975) - Directed by Stanley Kubrick
Cast: Ryan O'Neal, Gay Hamilton, Marisa Berenson, Leonard Rossiter, Patrick Magee
Synopsis: From the novel "The Luck of Barry Lyndon" by William Makepeace Thackeray, it is the story of the fictional Irish adventurer Barry Lyndon. He falls in love with his cousin Nora who, in turn, aims to the marriage with the rich English captain John Quin. Barry kills John in a duel and flees to Dublin, but he gets robbed along the way. So Barry joins the British army, but after a fierce battle he deserts the army. During his wandering he's forced to join the Prussian army and fights with this uniform. At the end of the war Barry becomes the servant of the Chevalier de Balibari and along with him cheats with card many noblemen. Thinking about a brighter future for himself, Barry seduces and marries the wealthy Countess of Lyndon after the death of her husband. Her son, Lord Bullingdon, hates Barry because he understands that Barry just aims at the money. Barry has a son from Lady Lyndon, Bryan. A few years later, during a party Lord Bullingdon confronts his stepfather, Barry proves his cruelty before the audience and Lord Bullingdon leaves the house and England. Barry dedicates to his own son Bryan and gives him a horse for his ninth birthday, but Bryan is thrown by the horse and dies a few days later. Barry turns to alcohol and neglects his wife who attempts suicide. Some years later Lord Bullingdon returns to England and challenges Barry to a duel. The pistol of Lord Bullingdon misfires and Barry fires to the ground. Lord Bullingdon, though, is still seeking satisfaction and in a second round of duel he shoots Barry in his leg. The doctor tells Barry that his leg needs to be amputated. While Barry recovers from the surgery, Lord Bullingdon takes control of the family estate and propose Barry an annuity on the condition that Barry leaves England for good. Barry returns to Ireland and later to Europe where he resumes his profession of gambler and cheater but with less success.
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The Stones in the Movies


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