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High Spirits
Vision PDG (1988) - Directed by Neil Jordan
Cast: Peter O'Toole, Steve Guttenberg, Beverly D'Angelo, Jennifer Tilly, Peter Gallagher, Liam Neeson, Daryl Hannah
Synopsis: Peter Plunkett is the last owner of an Irish castle on the edge of a bankrupt because of the mortgage he has with John Brogan, an American businessman. Unless all the payments are done in three weeks, Brogan will become the new owner of the castle and will move it to Malibu to exhibit it as a tourist attraction. In a last attempt to save the castle and the jobs of the few people who work for him, Plunkett thinks to advertise his castle as the most haunted mansion in the world. They all set up a representation of ghosts and banshees by using funny costumes and naive special effects.
Lured by this new reputation, a group of American tourists arrives at the castle. They are Jack and Sharon Crawford, a couple with marriage issues, Malcolm Clay, a psychic, with his family, Miranda, a sexy girl, and Brother Tony, a priest on a spiritual travel.
On the very night of their arrival, the inhabitants of the castle stage a haunted event for the guests, but the Americans soon get disappointed by the poor performance, understand that they have been cheated and threaten to leave on the following morning. Plunkett and his staff soon discover that Sharon is Brogan's daughter, sent over by her father to check the property.
During the night, the genuine ghosts of the castle, Mary Plunkett and Martin Brogan, appears before a drunk Jack. Mary is stabbed to death by Martin, as it has happened every night in the last two centuries, but Jack intervenes between them and the curse is broken. Mary falls in love with Jack, but of course he can't return her love because he's married and she's a ghost.
As soon as the tourists are set to leave the castle in the morning, the genuine ghosts do their best to have them stay. Jack Crawford and the ghost Mary declare their love, and Sharon and the ghost Martin fall in love with each other.
It's Hallowe'en night, more genuine ghosts step forward, and the staged show that the staff had prepared for the tourists comes to life. This convinces Malcolm that the castle is really haunted. Brother Tony abandons his clerical clothes to stay with Miranda. Jack and Mary have a night of love, Martin and Sharon promise each other love, but Sharon dies in an accident so that she swaps the role of a ghost with Mary who, in turn, is granted a mortal body. The two new couples keep living at the castle while the rest of tourists leave for good. The castle is now safe and in Peter Plunkett's hands.
Monuments: Castle Oliver Gate Lodge West
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