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North Sea Hijack
Cinema Seven Productions (1979) - Directed by Andrew Victor McLaglen
Cast: Roger Moore, James Mason, Anthony Perkins, Jack Watson, Lea Brodie, Faith Brook
Synopsis: The movie is also known with the alternative title "ffolkes".

Rufus Excalibur ffolkes is a misogynist, cat-loving and straightforward man at the head of a counter-terrorism squad. He trains his men in the sea outside his castle in Scotland, where he lives along with his many cats. One day the Lloyd's of London CEO Fletcher calls him in to discuss about developing a defensive plan in the event that one of the oil platforms in the North Sea that they insure could be attacked by some terrorists.
A month later, in Norway, the supply ship Esther is going to set out headed to the drilling rig Ruth and production platform Jennifer in the North Sea. A group of seven men, posing as reporters from different countries, asks to get on board and the supply ship Captain, Olafsen, agrees.
Once the the ship Esther is out in the sea, Lou Kramer, the leader of the group, reveals his intentions of hijacking the vessel and forces Olafsen and his crew to follow his orders. When Esther approaches the oil rig Ruth to leave some supplies, two of the criminals attach limpet bombs to the underwater legs of the rig, and likewise when two hours later the ship arrives at the platform Jennifer. At this point Kramer calls King, the head in charge on Jennifer, and asks him to get in touch with the British Prime Minister to get a ransom of 25 millions pounds or the two platforms will be blown up.
The two platforms are insured by the Lloyd's so the Prime Minister thinks to have them pay the ransom rather than the government. Fletcher, from the Lloyd's, thinks to involve ffolks and his men in the matter. ffolks accepts the job and asks the Royal Navy Admiral Brindsen to be passed off as his Flag Lieutenant. The two get in touch with Kramer and convince him to have them both on Jennifer to prove that the British Government is willing to pay. The plan ffolks has is to get on the ship Esther along with Brindsen in order to prepare the place for the arrival of his men and thwart Kramer and the group of criminals.
Unfortunately Kramer doesn't like ffolkes because he sees something ominous in ffolkes's eyes, and sends him back to the platform Jennifer, thus upsetting ffolkes's plan. Far from defeated, ffolkes manages to get on Esther from under the sea, he kills Kramer and deactivates the bombs while his trained men kill all the terrorists. Both Ruth and Jennifer are safe.
When ffolkes goes back home to his castle, he is rewarded by the Prime Minister during a ceremony. Because the Prime Minister knows that ffolks despises medals and similar awards, the reward for his services are three white kittens, named Esther, Ruth and Jennifer. ffolkes appreciates the reward, takes the kittens and walks into the castle to feed them some milk.
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