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Guns in the Heather
Walt Disney Company (1969) - Directed by Robert Butler
Cast: Kurt Russell, Patrick Dawson, Glenn Corbett, Alfred Burke, Niall Tóibín
Synopsis: The movie is in three episodes, and is also known with the alternative title "The Secret of Boyne Castle".

It begins with a car chase, where a fatally injured man is chased by foreign (Finnish?) spies while he drives a car along Irish country roads to a school, where he asks to talk privately to one of the students, Rich Evans, an American boy on an exchange school program. The mysterious man only tells a few words to Rich before he dies, and the words are that Rich has to go to Boyne Castle and look for information in his room.
The foreign spies witness the man talking to Rich and, disguised as officials from the American Embassy, go to the school headmaster and take Rich and his friend Sean O'Connor away, but instead of driving to Dublin, the spies take the two boys to a hiding places where Rich is questioned by an unknown man who never shows himself up, but who proves to know everything about Rich's and his brother Tom's lives. The unknown man tells Rich that Tom, along with a man named Stafford (the man who died at the school) are secret agents and were sent to Ireland to meet with a famous nuclear scientist from the same country the spies come from, and that they consider a traitor to be killed. Rich didn't know that Tom was a secret agent and was sure he was a sales representative for a steel company. True to the promise he made to the dying man, Rich does not reveal what he had been told. Along with Sean, he manages to escape from the hiding place. The spies start a pursuit of the two boys who use every mean of transportation to escape and reach Tom at the hotel where he has just arrived. Rich tells Tom what he has been told by Stafford, so Tom thinks to handle the situation on his own and sends Rich and Sean to London to have them safe, but the two boys don't give up, follow Tom, and save him from the spies several times, and every time Tom asks the two boys not to get involved in this story. The runaway sees the use of motorbikes, horse drawn carts, trains, Travellers' wagons, cars, but the foreign spies are still behind, and sometimes ahead of, them.
Tom, Rich and Sean eventually arrive at the Boyne Castle where they are welcomed by Lord Boyne. Rich finds the information so badly needed by the spies, the place and time of the arrival of the nuclear scientist. After reading it, Rich destroyes the paper and calls the American Embassy in Dublin, but the phone at the castle has been wiretapped and the spies, disguised as Lord Boyne and staff at the castle, lock Tom, Rich and Sean in a room along with the real staff and Lord Boyne. Tom manages to escape from the room, set the others free, takes a boat and reaches the cargo ship that is carrying the scientist to Westport Harbour. The spies are after him on a fast motor boat. Rich and Sean, with the help the real Lord Boyne, seize a glider and drop cannon balls on the motor boat that sinks for the damages. Tom saves the spies from drowning, takes them on shore and jail them into the castle prison. Rich and Sean go back to their school before Tom has the chance to tell them off, after thanking them, for not listening to his orders to stay put.
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The Stones in the Movies


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