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The Medallion
Screen Gems / Emperor Multimedia Group (2002) - Directed by Gordon Chan
Cast: Jackie Chan, Lee Evans, Claire Forlani, Alex Bao, Julian Sands, Christy Chung
Synopsis: Eddie Yang, a Hong Kong police officer, is cooperating with Interpol, led by agent Arthur Watson, to capture AJ "Snakehead" Staul, an Irish criminal, who is in Hong Kong. Snakehead is trying to kidnap Jai, a Chinese boy who has a magic Medallion that gives huge powers and immortality to whoever owns it. Eddie and Arthur's men follow Snakehead in a temple where Jai is. They fight Snakehead's men off and save the boy, but Snakehead eludes them. Some days later the Irish criminal succeeds in kidnapping Jai on a cargo ship in Hong Kong harbour, and escapes to Ireland.
Eddie Yang flies to Dublin where he is assigned to Arthur again. In Dublin Eddie is also reunited with Nicole, his former girlfriend. They all learn that Snakehead keeps Jai in Dublin harbour, so they go there, fight many Snakehead's men off, but Eddie and Jai end up trapped into a ship container that falls in the water. Jai is saved, but Eddie drowns. They are both rescued, but Eddie is dead. Jai has the magic Medallion and uses it on Eddie's body.
Some hours later, in the morgue, Eddie comes back to life and discovers that the Medallion has the power to give immortality, but also super powers that Eddie uses to defeat the Snakekead's men who have just broken into the hospital to capture Jai. Before being taken, Jai has the time to split the Medallion in two halves, one half is given to Eddie.
Snakehead takes the boy to his castle on the cliffs and forces him to activate the Medallion to gain immortality and super powers, but with only half of the Medallion, Snakehead only receives the super powers.
Snakehead sends his men to Arthur's home to retrieve the other half of the Medallion, but Eddie, Nicole, Arthur and his wife (who turns out to be a secret agent) fight them off.
Eddie and Nicole find out the location of Snakehead's castle. The operation starts well, and later on Arthur joins them, but towards the end of the fight Snakehead kills Nicole, gains the immortality and fights Eddie who uses the Medallion to takes Snakehead's life and trap him between the two dragons carved on it. Then Eddie uses the Medallion to resurrect Nicole and give her super powers and immortality. Jay retrieves the Medallion and disappears in another dimension, Eddie and Nicole fly away at super speed and Arthur is left in wonder.
Monuments: Dublin Castle - Record Tower
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