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Icon Company / The Ladd Company (1995) - Directed by Mel Gibson
Cast: Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan, Catherine McCormack, Angus MacFayden
Synopsis: It’s the story of the Scottish hero William Wallace. As a child he sees his father and brother killed by the English, so his uncle send him to Rome where he is educated. Some years later he returns to Scotland and witnesses the violence of the English on the local people. So he gathers Scots from several clans to form an army to try to expel the English invaders led by king Edward I, known also as Edward Longshanks. After a first victory of Wallace against the English, king Edward I plots to kill Wallace by using his son’s wife Isabella of France as a bait, but the plot fails, so king Edward I, along with some Scots noblemen tries to capture William Wallace. One of the noblemen, Robert the Bruce, saves William from the capture, but eventually Wallace is arrested, brought before a magistrate, tried for high treason and sentenced to death. A few years later, Robert the Bruce, now king of Scotland, leads his men to fight against the English army to gain freedom for Scotland in Wallace’s memory.
Monuments: Bective Abbey
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The Stones in the Movies


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