The simple purpose of this page is to list all the monuments I visited before I started taking geographic information about them.
The monuments in this list don’t have any photos or description. It’s a pure list of what I saw from 1994 to 2002.
In this section I also list the monuments that I saw in 2003 and that, for some weird reason, I didn’t take geographic information about.
If some of the monuments in this list have been re-visited after 2002 they’ll have a link to the page.

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Year 1994 (34)

(June 23rd – July 7th) - The first year
We went to Ireland for the first time for our honeymoon. Actually I already went to Ireland 5 years before, but my wife wanted to see the place and I had been dreaming of a second trip for years.
We saw the most classic sites, and we planned a balanced mix of history, nature and landscapes. We didn’t know it yet that we would have fell in love with Ireland and what the following holidays would have looked like.

Year 1995 (34)

(December 3th – December 12th) - The year of the winter trip
For our second holiday to Ireland we chose to have it in the wintertime. We wanted to see what the place looked like in the cold season. The plans were to stay in the Northern Ireland, but without knowing why we found ourselves in county Clare. Despite the cold season we found a lovely weather and had an amazing experience with the very short days.

Year 1997 (34)

(April 21st – May 8th) - The year of the northwest
For a too long to be explained reason, we spent most of our holiday in county Mayo, with a short diversion to county Donegal and county Sligo. The weather was miserable, our moral was low, but the trip was somewhat useful.

Year 1998 (8)

(May 2nd – May 31st) - The year of the British Isles
This time we only wanted to visit Great Britain, but we felt bad not to touch the Irish soil even for one minute. So we landed in Dublin, got a rental car and went up North to Larne to get the ferry and go to Scotland where our travel should have started from. We stayed in Ireland for a week before crossing the sea, and in this week we saw something.
We crossed the Irish Sea back to Dublin from Wales three days before going back home, and during these few days we visited something else around Dublin.
By the way, Scotland, England, Cornwall and Wales offer some magnificent monuments as well, but the feelings we got over there were completely different from what we get when we are in Ireland.

Year 2000 (42)

(May 7th – May 19th) - The year of enchantment
This year’s trip was short yet intense. The monuments we visited enchanted us beyond imagination. Some of them have been revisited in the following years, but many more have been in our memories since. For some of them I really crave for seeing them again.
Unfortunately our travel had an abrupt stop and we had to go back home immediately for an emergency.

Year 2001 (67)

(May 26th – June 17th) - The year of London
We wanted to see London once in our lives. So on the first three days of the holiday we were in the British capital. From there we proceeded to Dublin. This trip is among the best ones we made and many of the monuments we saw are still in our hearts. During this trip we mysteriously lost our driving licenses, probably during the climbing to Loughcrew Cairn. We realized of this only at home. We never saw them again.

Year 2002 (71)

(May 2rd – May 22st) - The year we got lost
This travel saw us at the two extremes of the Emerald Isle, we went both to Malin Head and Mizen Head.
But this was also the year we got lost for the very first time. We climbed a hill to see the Dromoughy Stone Circle in county Kerry, but we lost the path in the fog and we had a very hard time to go back to the car. This terrible experience made me think of getting a GPS receiver. If it wasn’t for this event, probably this website wouldn’t exist.

Year 2003 (33)

(September 7th – September 28th) - The year of the GPS
This was the first year when I used a GPS receiver to track my routes and to gather geographic information of the sites I was visiting.
This one was also the first time we went to Ireland after summer and I have to say that the atmosphere was even more magic than the usual. We had very little rain and very much fun. I rate this travel as one of the best so far.

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