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N 54° 15' 09.9"   W 007° 26' 34.2"

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H 36308 33913

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Thursday 2 July 2015

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The Corn and Potato Square in Lisnaskea. It's fenced by a gate which is very often locked, it seems.

In the middle of the Corn and Potato Market Square in Lisnaskea is this beautiful cross.
It probably dates from the 10th century, but since Lisnaskea doesn't have early churches or monastery, it's likely that the cross was originally placed somewhere else. Possible sites for the original place of this cross are Aghalurcher Church and Galloon Island.
The cross has been assembled with different and not original pieces. The cross on the top of the shaft isn't part of the 10th century cross, it was carved in 1841, when this monument was set up in the square.
An undecorated stepped base holds a shaft with a clear bas-relief of Adam and Eve under the Apple Tree on the northeast (70°) face.
On the other side of the shaft there are 32 small bosses arranged in 4 columns of 8.
The rest of the original cross is lost, but it should have been very tall.
The 1841 cross mounted on the top of the shaft is decorated with waves and five bosses.

Unfortunately the square is locked with an automatic gate and on the day of our visit the gate was closed. None of the people we asked was able to help us find a way to get in, the only man who could have been helpful refused to assist us in a very unmannered way!
Due to this obstacle, I wasn't able to take any further measurement.

UPDATE: June 22nd, 2016 - We were driving through Lisnaskea when we noticed that the gate to the market square was open, so we took the chance to see the market cross from a close distance and see the rear side of it.
The front face of the original shaft depicts Adam and Eve under the Apple Tree.
The rear face of the shaft has 32 small bosses arranged in 8 rows of 4.
A sign on the gate reads that the gate is open daily from 7 am to 9 pm. Last year it wasn't like this!
I have no polite words to describe the people who manage this!

The first six photos in this page are from the visit in 2015, the remaining six are from the visit in 2016.

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