(June 1st - June 23rd) - The year of the constant grey cloud above us
For the whole time of our trip, we had a constant grey, dull, overcast sky above our heads. We also had some rain, and a bit of sunshine too, but the grey...
However we also visited the highest number of sites ever!

Date Monuments in database

Monday 12 June 2017

Cloghanmore (Donegal, Court Tomb)
Glencolmcille - Stone of Entreaty (Donegal, Natural Place)
Glencolmcille - Turas 1 (Donegal, Court Tomb)
Glencolmcille - Turas 10 (Donegal, Cross Slab)
Glencolmcille - Turas 11 (Donegal, Cairn)
Glencolmcille - Turas 12 (Donegal, Cross Pillar)
Glencolmcille - Turas 13 (Donegal, Cross Pillar)
Glencolmcille - Turas 15 (Donegal, Cross Pillar)
Glencolmcille - Turas 2 (Donegal, Cross Pillar)
Glencolmcille - Turas 4 (Donegal, Leacht)
Glencolmcille - Turas 5 (Donegal, Church)
Glencolmcille - Turas 6 (Donegal, Natural Place)
Glencolmcille - Turas 7 (Donegal, Holy Well)
Glencolmcille - Turas 9 (Donegal, Cross Pillar)
Malin More - Cairn 1 (Donegal, Cairn)
Malin More - Cairn 2 (Donegal, Cairn)
Malin More - Cairn 3 (Donegal, Cairn)
Malin More - Portal Tomb 1 (Donegal, Portal Tomb)
Malin More - Portal Tomb 2 (Donegal, Portal Tomb)
Malin More - Portal Tomb 3 (Donegal, Portal Tomb)
Malin More - Portal Tomb 4 (Donegal, Portal Tomb)
Malin More - Portal Tomb 5 (Donegal, Portal Tomb)
Malin More - Portal Tomb 6 (Donegal, Portal Tomb)

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