What I’m trying to do with this website is to collect as much information as possible about the old monuments that dot the Irish landscape. Mainly I’d like to give priority to those monuments that are less known or that are far from the touristic itineraries. Some of the monuments that I visited aren’t even signposted. Of course, I won’t ignore some of the more famous places, but they won’t be the key point of this website.

What monuments are listed in this website? Well, everything manmade of stone, from the most ancient megalithic tombs to the more recent castles and churches, will be collected in here. Exceptionally I could publish a page for a natural place or feature, but this will be a rarity rather than the normality.

Since I am a true animal lover, should one of them in any way interact with my visits to the monuments I will always include it in the photos I will take.

There are thousands of megalithic or medieval sites to visit in Ireland and I don’t think my life will be long enough to allow me to see them all. Nor do I think they will be there forever, because the landscape changes, the human impact on the territory is heavy and the elements are quickly ruining some of the more ancient monuments, so it’s likely that some of them will be lost forever before I could touch them.

My goal for this website was to collect at least two entries for each of the OS maps, at least two entries for each of the categories of monuments, at least five entries for each county, all of these goals before the end of 2012. As a matter of fact I failed to achieve this goal, and probably I have to move the deadline two years ahead.

I know, it’ll be a long and hard work, but I’ll do my best.

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