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O 25621 50267

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Saturday 13 June 2015

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The memorial seen from the coastal path.

This monument might look like a round tower, but it's just a memorial erected in the shape of a round tower in memory of George Hampden Evans, member of the Parliament for County Dublin from 1832 to 1841.
The memorial was built by his widow Sophia Parnell in 1843 and it seems it was roughly modelled on the round tower in Kildare, though they are clearly different.
We tried to reach this spot from the coast path at Tower Bay Beach, but we found a private property sign and we gave up. So we tried the access from the Portrane side and found the right lane to it, but a guard post was the point where we had to leave the car and walk to the memorial for about 15 minutes. The access is through the grounds of St. Ita's Hospital for mental illnesses, a wonderful and breathtaking red-brick building in Victorian style, but though the place was fantastic, we had to refrain taking pictures of the place because the guard at the entrance forbade us to take photos af anything but the tower.
The tower is surrounded by a metal fence and its conditions are much worse from a close distance. The walls have huge stains of what I think might be saltpetre. There's a doorway on the east-northeast (80°) side, with a decoration and the motto "Libertas".
The grass around the tower was at least 60 centimetres high at the time of our visit.
I have to admit that the memorial looked much better from a distance.

St. Ita's Hospital was a location for the final sequences of the movie "The Butcher Boy" (1997) by Neil Jordan, and this memorial can be seen in the distance (see movie at time 1:41:01).

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