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N 53° 56' 51.3"   W 007° 47' 09.2"

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N 14111 99817

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Monday 2 June 2014

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The two carved heads and the cross fragment are set into the south side of the boundary wall.

A monastery was founded here in 570 AD by St. Fraoch. Unfortunately very little remains of this monastery today. What it's possible to see here are three carved heads, a fragment of a cross shaft, four cross slabs, a cross head, a cross base, a smaller cross base with a tiny cross and half of a bullaun stone, spread all over the place.
Two carved heads and the fragment of cross shaft are mounted into the south boundary wall to the right of the gate to the graveyard. The two carved heads were originally set into the masonry of the St. Fraoch's abbey as top corner stones. The fragment of cross shaft has two human effigies, one on each side.
At 43 metres north (5°) of the gate there are the four cross slabs. They are arranged in a row of three, two of them overlap. On the east and west faces of all of them there's one carved cross. From north to south the slabs have the following measures: 58 centimetres tall and 41 centimetres wide at the base; 130 centimetres tall and 25 centimetres wide at the base; 51 centimetres tall and 47 centimetres wide at the base.
The undecorated cross base is at 40 metres north (355°) from the gate. Judging from its size the cross that was mounted in its socket must have been quite big. The base is 94 centimetres long, 51 centimetres wide and 63 centimetres high.
At 46 metres north (13°) from the gate there's a very small cross base with a tiny carved cross set into it. I think that the base once held a different cross and when this was lost or destroyed the base was re-used.
There's also an interesting grave slab with the carvings of three animals that look like lions at 28 metres north-northeast (27°) from the gate.
On the outside face of the east wall of the graveyard there's another carved head about 55 centimetres high and 33 centimetres wide, mounted at 90 centimetres from the ground.

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