Killary High Cross




N 53° 47' 23.2"   W 006° 39' 58.2"

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N 87960 83055

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Saturday 31 May 2014

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The shaft of the high cross seen from roughly the east.

In the graveyard at Killary there are the ruins of a church, the shaft of a high cross and the base and a fragment of another high cross. Only the church is marked on the OS Map.
This page refers to the high cross.
The church ruins measure 22 metres in length and 10 metres in width, with a doorway and three windows in the south wall and only one window in the north wall. The east gable is missing. Inside the church, next to the doorway, there's another cross base.
The shaft of the high cross is 9.50 metres northwest from the church. It has a round base which is 46 centimetres high and has a diameter of 1.11 metres.
The shaft is 1.40 metres tall, 39 centimetres wide and 28 centimetres thick, aligned east-west (80°-260°). All faces are finely decorated.
The east face shows four scenes from the Old Testament. The first panel from the top depicts Daniel in the Lions' Den, below it is the Sacrifice of Isaac, the figure on the left is bent over an altar, below it again is the Noah's Ark, which inspired the current logo of the AIB, the bottom panel shows Adam and Eve under the Apple Tree.
The west face shows three scenes from the New Testament. The first panel from the top shows the Adoration of the Magi, the middle panel depicts the Baptism of Christ, the bottom panel depicts the Annunciation to the Shepherds.
On the north face only the bottom panel can be somewhat identified, it could show David holding the head of Goliath. The panels above have an interlaced pattern and an unknown figure.
The three panels of the south face show interlaced patterns and knobs.
At about 50 metres northeast (70°) from the cross is another cross base with a fragment of the head inserted into the socket of the base.
The graveyard has some nice gravestones.
At 16 metres south of the church there's a standing stone.

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