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N 53° 42' 04.4"   W 006° 29' 26.4"

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N 99735 73434

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Thursday 29 May 2014

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Three of the satellite tombs on the north side of the main passage tomb visible upon entering the site.

Knowth is complex of passage tombs 1.2 kilometres northwest from Newgrange. Until a few years ago the site was closed to the public. The first time we drove by this place, on June 23rd, 1994, it was still undergoing excavations.
The complex consists of a large mound with the larger diameter of 95 metres and a height of 10 metres, surrounded by about 20 smaller mounds, also called satellite tombs.
It is outlined by 127 kerbstones, many of them beautifully decorated with spirals or circular motifs.
The main mound has two entrances, one at east (100°) side with a 35 metres long passage, and the other at the west (275°) side with a 32 metres long passage. The west passage ends into a lone chamber, the east passage leads to a cruciform chamber with three recesses. The two passages don't meet, they are about 13 metres apart.
At the entrances two beds of white quartz pebbles have been laid out, apparently the place had this appearance in the Neolithic. Thw white of the small stones would bright in the sunlight.
Unfortunately on the day of our visit the weather was dreadful, I think I never got wetter before in Ireland.

The last time we came here was on May 3rd, 2002, and the weather was fantastic, I have been dreaming of another visit to this site for years, and what I got was a tremendous day.

A stepped path on the southeast side of the mound leads to the top of the tomb where a flat and fenced area is available for visitors.
The name Knowth comes from the Irish "Cnòbha" that, according to our guide, means "Hazelnut".
The visit to this complex is guided only, with booking at the Brú na Bóinne Visitors' Centre.

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