St. Feichin's High Cross




N 53° 45' 41.0"   W 006° 16' 12.0"

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O 14068 80483

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Friday 5 May 2006

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The high cross seen from the west as you enter the churchyard.

In the churchyard of the St. Feichin's church there's a high cross.
This cross is 2.50 metres tall and the head is about 80 centimetres in diameter.
On the east face there's a carving of the crucifixion, on the west face there's the figure of a bishop with two crosses in his hands and two human faces on each side.
On the two remaining faces of the cross there are celtic knots patterns.
At the cross's feet there's a small square slab, 50 centimetres each side, with a crucifixion and a Roman soldier who pierces Jesus on the cross while Mary is crying.

UPDATE: June 15th, 2015 - I wanted to see this high cross again, and because we were in the area we seized the moment.
It stands 15 metres north (350°) from the church.
Probably it was the light, but I had the impression that the carvings have faded away a lot since 9 years ago. If this is true, then I think that not much will remain to see in ten years time.
That's a pity, the cross is wonderful, the decorations are stunning.
It's 2.13 metres tall, it's 35 centimetres wide at the base and 80 centimetres wide at the arms. It's 27 centimetres thick.
The stone base on which it stands is roughly dome shaped and is about 36 centimetres high and 1.05 metres in diameter.
It's aligned southeast-northwest (110°-290°).
This cross is all that survives from the early monastery founded at this site by St. Feichin in the 7th century.
At its foot the slab with the crucifixion measures 49 centimetres of width, 52 centimetres of height and 20 centimetres of thickness. There's also a small cross base, 50 centimetres wide, 40 centimetres deep and 48 centimetres high.
The photos from number 7 to number 23 are from this last visit.

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