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Wednesday 1 June 2011

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As we saw the friary from midway the muddy path.

This friary is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen during our travels in Ireland. We came here for the first time on May 9th, 2002. This was our second visit here.
The cloister alone is worth a visit to this place. It's almost intact in each of its parts, apart from the roof of the south side of the covered walk that is missing.
Even the adjacent domestic buildings are still in a very good state and it is possible to climb upstairs to the upper floors from where the view over the cloister is breathtaking.
West of the cloister was the kitchen and the refectory. On the other side of the cloister was the sacristy and the chapter house. The dormitory was above the chapter house.
In contrast with the perfect conservation of the building, the friary hasn't any particular detail to be remembered or that attracts the attention of the visitor. The only interesting feature is that on some of the walls it's still visible the original plaster with the original reddish painting, another proof that in their better days these buildings weren't grey as we see them today.
The friary was founded by MacWilliam de Burgo between 1455 and 1460 and was consacrated in 1462. In 1590 the friary was burned by sir Richard Bingham and the friars were persecuted, but 15 years later the friars had returned to the settlement and remained for about 20 years. Despite the turbulence of its history, the friary managed to keep its community until the 18th century.
From the road we walked east for 355 metres along a muddy path, strictly watched over by a cattle of cows and bulls. One of these bulls wasn't very glad to see us there.

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