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N 53° 48' 19.14"   W 009° 07' 56.58"

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M 25412 84571

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Sunday 29 May 2011

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The ruins of this small church seen from the north.

This ruinous small and old church is about 60 metres northwest from Balla round tower.
Only the southeast and northwest gables survive, the side walls have crumbled down. There are doorways in both gables and the two doorways are both lintelled. Above the southeast doorway is a pointed arch window.
There's a small chapel with a statue of Our Lady northwest of the church, and a holy well not far from the ruins towards north.
I have no other details for this church.

UPDATE: June 15th, 2017 - We were driving through Balla and thought to have another look at this church. We did the right thing.
This time the church was fenced off due to restoration works. These works led to a complete reconstruction of the side walls of the church.
The last time we were here, 6 years ago (time does fly!), the northeast and southwest walls were almost totally missing and the stones of the mansonry were lying on the ground in and around the small building. The northwest gable was missing a section, like it had bitten off by a giant mouth.
This time all the walls were standing at their full height. In the northwest (315°) wall two slabs have been set. A square slab with some decoration so worn out to be nearly invisible, and a stone cross. The stone cross, perhaps, is the most beautiful feature of the church. It measure 29.5 centimetres across and 35 centimetres of height.
Nearby, to the north of the church, there is a holy well, but it's in a bad condition. Five stone steps and a rusty handrail lead to a pool of mud.

The first 5 photos in this page are from the visit in 2011.

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