Noughaval Church




N 53° 00' 56.4"   W 009° 10' 48.8"

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R 20793 96769

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Saturday 20 September 2003

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The more recent church of the two, seen from the southwest.

At this site there two old and ruined churches with a graveyard around them.
There's also a nice old cross.
The more recent church of the two has a strange doorway whose tympanum has straight and linear decorations that look like they were rays starting from a figure which once stood in the centre.
The older church is much more ruined and nothing is left to see.
To the west of this older church is an old and plain cross with the head decorated with unusual square perforations. The cross has a height of 77 centimetres, a width of 27 centimetres at the base and of 66 centimetres at its arms, and a thickness of just 9 centimetres.
A ginger and white cat came with us during the visit.

UPDATE: June 7th, 2010 - We visited this church again and took new photographs.

UPDATE: June 12th, 2019 - A new visit to the old Noughaval Church, with a better light than the previous two times.

The ruins of the medieval church stands on the site of an early monastic site founded by St. Mogue.
The medieval church is aligned to the east-southeast (105°) and is now in ruins, with the west-northwest end collapsed. The most interesting thing is the south doorway with nice pointed arch tympanum. Next to the doorway are two nice square and lintelled windows. They have both jambs and sills made of stone slabs as the lintels.
The building is a nave and chancel church, the two section are divided by an archway. The chancel window is narrow and splayed internally. Another widely splayed window is in the corner between the south wall and the chancel arch.

Another interesting feature of this site is the ancient ringed cross placed on a plinth or leacht to the southeast of the church.
This cross is 82 centimetres tall and 68 centimetres wide at the arms which extend shortly over the ring.

Behind this cross is a small chapel built for the O'Davoran family. It only has a south doorway and an east window. It had a vaulted ceiling.

The first two photos are from the visit in 2003, the photos from number 3 to number 10 are from the the visit in 2010, the remaining fifteen photos are from the visit in 2019.

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