Commons East Stone Circle




N 53° 03' 58.62"   W 008° 25' 20.58"

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M 71961 01823

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Date of visit

Friday 19 September 2003

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The stones of this circle hardly poke out of the grass.

This small and simple stone circle is 3200 years old and is in a field where the grass was too high to appreciate it properly.
We walked up the side of a low hill for about 150 metres, the circle was quite hidden in the high grass.
It's made of 5 stones that are 30 centimetres tall, and of two entrance stones. The one on the lefthand side is about 80 centimetres tall, the other one is 50 centimetres tall and they are 1.70 metres apart.
The 5 stones of the circle are equally spaced and I think no stone is missing from the structure. The 5 stones are set on a diameter of 11 metres, the entrance faces southeast (135°).

UPDATE: June 20th, 2016 - To be honest, I didn't remember I had seen this stone circle before.
We were driving to Loughrea when we saw an old signpost for a stone circle. I had to walk for about 150 metres on a boggy and wet ground up the hill, with several hidden puddles.
According to the notes I took during this new visit the circle has 7 stones, the tallest one is only 90 centimetres tall, most of the others are so low to disappear in the grass. They are arranged on a 10.50 metres diameter measured along the east-west axis. The recumbent stone is on the northeast (50°) side, the tallest one is one of the two portal stones and is at southeast (120°). I suppose that less than half of the original stones are still in place, there are two many gaps in the circle to believe that none of them is missing.
This time I took new and better photos. The first four photos in this page are from the visit in 2003, when I didn't have a digital camera, so I used frames from a digital video.

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