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N 52° 28' 31.56"   W 007° 26' 45.66"

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S 37636 36145

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Wednesday 20 June 2007

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The remains of the church and the tower.

Next to a junction on the N76 there's the signpost for a church and a cross. We walked on a muddy track for about 200 metres.
Only three walls and a tower remain from the church and the very high grass stopped us from entering. North of the church there's a very old graveyard and a very nice high cross in the style of the Ahenny ones.
It's 2.90 metres tall, 50 centimetres wide at its base and 40 centimetres thick. The pedestal where it stands on is 70 centimetres tall.
Next to the high cross there's a nice medieval cross slab.

UPDATE: June 21st, 2017 - We were driving towards Callan when we saw the signpost to Killamery church and high cross and decided to make another visit to the site, this time with a better weather.

The church in ruins was built in 1815 over the site of an earlier 7th century monastery founded by St. Gobán. The new church was dedicated to St. Nicholas of Myra and remained in use until the early 20th century.
The high cross stands about 60 metres northwest from the church. It stands on a stepped base and is mainly decorated with interlaced patterns and abstract motifs, though there are some scenes from the Old Testament. The east side of the shaft has three marigolds. Snake-like creatures are depicted on the arms.
The west side of the shaft has geometric patterns and a spiral boss at the centre of the head.
The cross has a gabled capstone and it is said that it was once used for the cure of headaches.
On the lower expansion of the shaft, on its west side, an inscription reads "OR DO MAELSECHNAILL" that means "Pray for Maelsechnaill", who was a High King of Ireland who reigned between 846 and 862.
The cross is 2.73 metres tall, its arms open at 1.17 metres, the shaft is 47 centimetres wide at the base and is 32 centimetres thick. The stepped plinth is 82 centimetres high. The whole monument is 3.55 metres tall.

The first 7 photos in this page are from the first visit.
We visited this place precisely 10 years ago. Isn't that incredible?

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