Ballinaclough Sheela-na-Gig




N 52° 49' 32.22"   W 008° 09' 37.2"

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R 89194 74974

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Saturday 15 June 2019

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The two churches in the graveyard, seen from the west-southwest.

This very old church, built in the 15th century and now in ruins, stands in the same ground of the Protestant church built in 1815, and the adjoining graveyard.
The church has a long nave, and a short and narrower chancel, very likely built later.
All walls are at their full height, the roof is missing.

The entrance doorway in the south wall is pointed arch, the west jamb is missing.
The west gable has no windows, but has a bell cot still intact.
Two narrow ogee windows with a nice moulding are in the south walls of the nave and chancel.
In the north wall of the nave there's a large doorway, but the upper part is missing. The north wall of the chancel has a lintelled window, but it's been covered by a memorial on the inside.

A wide archway separates the nave from the chancel.

The east window is widely splayed and round-headed, with two lights, though the central mullion is missing.

On the outside of the east wall there are three nice memorials for the Walsh family.

On a quoin stone at 2.60 metres from the ground on the southwest corner of the building is a sheela-na-gig.
The figure is 48 centimetres high and 31 centimetres wide. It is standing, with her feet pointing outwards. The top of her head is cut at the edge of the stone, it is possible that this cut was intended. The figure has a round head with sticking out ears. Her eyes seem misaligned horizontally, her nose is faintly visible, her mouth is slightly open in a grin. Her left hand is raised to her left eye, her right arm reach for her sex from behind the leg. Her ribs are visible and there's a hole in the chest/abdomen.
The feet seem to have been chipped off.

An interesting sheela-na-gig which is also easily accessible.

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