Boho High Cross




N 54° 21' 52.14"   W 007° 49' 16.02"

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H 11626 46218

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Wednesday 5 June 2019

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The shaft of the high cross stands on the highest point of the graveyard of the Sacred Heart Chapel, north of Boho.

This wonderful high cross shaft stands on a stone base on the highest point of the graveyard of the Sacred Heart Chapel, north of Boho.

Only two scenes from the Bible are present on the shaft, one on the east (100°) side, the other one on the opposite side.
On the east side the scene is in the middle panel, and represents Adam and Eve under the Apple Tree with the Serpent coiled around the tree trunk. The top and bottom panel have interlaced and geometric patterns.
The scene on the west side of the shaft is in the top panel, and shows the Presentation of John the Baptist to the Temple, with the centre human figure being Elizabeth holding her son John. The other two figures might be Zacharias, who was John's father, and a priest. There's a panel above this scene, but it's only partly visible and it might represent the Baptism of Christ. The other two panels below have ornamental decorations.

An interesting feature of this shaft is the presence of two holes in the narrow sides of the shaft, that might have been used as sockets for bars to support the arms of the cross.
The hole on the north side has a diameter of 5.5 centimetres and is 6.5 centimetres deep, the other hole is 7 centimetres by 6.5 centimetres and is 6 centimetres deep.
On the narrow sides there are minor decorations too.

The cross shaft is 1.80 metres tall, 43 centimetres wide and 28 centimetres thick at the base.
It stands on a square base which is 83 centimetres tall, for a total height of 2.63 metres.

Bad weather during the visit, weird weather too, because the east and south sides of the cross were dry when the west and north sides were drenched.

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