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N 54° 15' 05.94"   W 006° 18' 20.76"

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J 10404 34972

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Thursday 30 May 2019

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The high cross in the graveyard of the Church of Ireland St. Bartholomew's Parish Church.

In the graveyard of the Church of Ireland St. Bartholomew's Parish Church at Donaghmore, there's a nice high cross, also known with the name of St. Mac Erc's Cross.
The high cross is granite and made of two elements, head and shaft, which apparently do not belong to each other. It might date to the 10th century or a bit earlier.
It stands on a three-stepped plinth which measure 92 centimetres each side and it's 39 centimetres high.
The cross is 2.82 metres tall, is 46 centimetres wide at the shaft and 1.22 metres wide at the arms, and is 35 centimetres thich.
It's aligned east-northeast to west-southwest (70°-250°).
All the carvings on the cross are very much weathered and nearly unintelligible
The east face of the head shows what has been interpreted as the Judgement
The first panel from the top on the east side of the shaft shows three human figures that haven't been identified. The second panel is split into two different scenes, the first is David carrying the head the Giant Goliath, the other one is David slaying the Lion. The third panel shows Moses springing water from a rock. The fourth panel shows three more unidentified human figures.
The first panel from the top on the west side of the shaft shows two human figures, one holding a sword, and this has been interpreted as the Sacrifice of Isaac. The second panel has two human figures not identified. The third panel depicts the Noah's Ark. The fourth panel from the top shows Adam and Eve under the Tree.
The south side has two panels carved with interlaced motifs, the third panel from the top has a figure that could be David playing the Harp.
The north side has four panels, the first two from the top have interlaced panels, the third has two human figures that might be David and Goliath, the last one has interlaced motifs again.
The high cross leans slightly to the north-northwest (340°) by 3°.

This high cross isn't marked on the OS Map.

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