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Friday 24 May 2019

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The ruins of the abbey from the entrance of the graveyard.

Southeast from the centre of Navan there's the manorial village of Athlumney. This manor was originally part of a barony granted from Hugh de Lacy to his ally Adam de Feipo.
This neighbourhood of the town include some interesting sites like an old church, a motte and a castle.

Within an old graveyard there's this overgrown ruinous church. It was built in the 13th century by Amauri de Feipo on a land that was granted to him by Adam de Feipo, a relative of his. The church was dedicated to St. James.
All that remains of the rectangular building are the west and east (90°) walls and the central part of the north wall.
The west wall still retains a double bell cot, even if only one light of it is clearly visible. The inner side of the west gable has a gate to what once was a tower. There are three windows in the section of the church, which are splayed even on the outside.

One interesting item within the graveyard is a large grave slab which measures about 2.05 metres of length and 1.10 metres of width. It is known with the name of Cheevers-Gough Slab, and dates to 1692.
It's very worn out, but it is still possible to make out some of the carvings. There's a shield in the centre, decorated with a line of chevrons. Above it there are the coats of arms of the two families. Below the shield there's a skull and crossbones.

It was custom to this graveyard to rest the coffin of the dead and recite the Psalm 130, also known as the "De Profundis", before proceding with the burial.

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