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N 52° 27' 57.6"   W 007° 41' 42.12"

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S 20723 34995

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Friday 8 June 2018

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The first slab shows a crucifixion scene. I couldn't make out the lengthy inscription which ends with the date 1640.

In the north wall of the Horse Experience Museum there are four ancient decorative slabs.
Most likely they come from different locations and have been recently set into this wall to preserve them.

They represent different subjects, both religious, civilians and coat of arms.

The first slab starting from the east is square and shows a crucifixion. Christ is on the cross and two crying women stands on either side of the cross. There's a lengthy inscription is in the lower part in a language that I couldn't make out. At the end of the inscription there's the date 1640. This was probably a memorial slab.

The second slab from the east shows a coat of arms. A shield in the centre is divided into four frames. Above the shield a floral motif is topped by a bird whith its wings wide spread and it misses its head. A monkey and a lion hold the shield. The inscription below reads "TIMOR DOMINI FONS VITÆ", in Latin meaning "The Fear of God is the Source for Life". Another inscription on the lower frame reads "Farrel-Donboyne", probably the name of the mason.

The third slab from the east is an effigy of Patrick Henry Pearse, the Irish republican political activist and revolutionary, one of the leaders of the Easter Rising in 1916. He read the Proclamation of the Irish Republic from outside the General Post Office in Dublin, the headquarters of the Rising. After six days of fighting, with heavy human losses, Pearse issued the order to surrender. He was arrested and executed on May 3rd, 1916, along with fourteen other leaders.

The fourth slab shows another coat of arms. Above the shield there's a a bird that looks like a griffin with its head bent down to its chest. An inscription under the shield reads in Latin "VIRTUS IN ACTIONE CONSISTIT", in Latin meaning "The Virtue Lies in the Action".

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