Craigs Lower Passage Tomb




N 54° 59' 36.5"   W 006° 28' 44.6"

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C 97398 17282

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Saturday 13 September 2003

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Looking at the remains of the tomb from the south.

When we arrived at this passage tomb, the field where it is in was being mowed to harvest hay in round bales. The tractor was driven by an 8 years old boy who granted the access to the tomb.
The monument is 25 metres west from the road and the entrance faces east, it was built between 3000 and 2000 BC on an escarpment on the east side of the River Bann, that in prehistoric times was an important waterway.
Though this is a passage tomb, the passage itself no longer survives and what we can see today is the oval burial chamber. According to some records, an earth mound was removed around 1850, when the chamber was explored and a burial urn was found in it.
The tomb has threes upright and slightly curved stones on the north side. The south side is a bit messier. The west end is partly collapsed. A huge flat capstone, which was damaged by a lightning in 1976 and repaired 9 years later, covers the group of orthostats.
The tomb is about 150 centimetres tall, about 3 metres long and about 2 metres wide.
The strong wind made it difficult to take steady photographs.
The first four photos shown in this page are still frames from a video I took at the time of the visit.

UPDATE: May 25th, 2009 - We visited this passage tomb again and took new photographs. I met the landowner while he was leaving his property and he agreed that I could walk to the tomb.
The first four photos in this page are from 2003, the last seven photos are from this latter visit.

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