Kealkill Stone Circle




N 51° 44' 42.0"   W 009° 22' 13.0"

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W 05376 55597

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Tuesday 23 May 2006

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The three monuments at this site seen from the west.

This nice group of monuments was in a muddy field guarded by a big white bull!
If the weather had been good we'd be able to see for miles around from up here, but the rain and the clouds were with us all day long.
We parked just past the bend on the hill road. There's a cattle gate and from here the circle is 150 metres far.
Actually the site is divided in three sections, and is very similar, though in better conditions, to Knocknakilla stone circle. There's a stone circle, two standing stones and a radial cairn.
The stone circle is 2.50 metres in diameter and counts 5 upright stones. The one that looks like the axial stone is at north sharp and it's 1.27 metres tall and 1.66 metres wide. At 5 metres northeast (40°) from the stone circle there are two slim standing stones, one is 3.61 metres tall, the other one is 2.15 metres tall, aligned northeast-southwest and separated by 1.60 metres.
Right behind the two standing stones is a radial cairn, that is a flat pile of stones with a stone kerb all around forming a circumference.
A guy that I met at this site told me that the stone circle is called "The Children Stones", the two standing stones are "The Grandparents Stones" and that the cairn is called "The Fairy Wishes Circle".
According to him, visiting a stone circle prevents its energy from drifting away. The energy of a stone circle comes from the many human and animal sacrifices held at these places in the past centuries. He said that the stone circles have been built in key spots of the Earth, just like an acupuncturist places his needles on our body. He explained me that before entering a stone circle we have to walk around it three times. Only after this ritual we can step inside a circle.
When this guy went away we were able to visit and admire this wonderful place, but we weren't alone. The big white bull stayed next to us for all the time and I never felt myself comfortable to turn my back to him!

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