Our Lady's Well Holy Well




N 51° 50' 05.52"   W 008° 10' 02.52"

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W 88466 64751

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Tuesday 20 June 2017

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The whitewashed enclosure under the ash tree can't be missed.

In a field behind a small house and under an ash tree there's this nice holy well dedicated to Our Lady.
A whitewashed stone wall encloses the well and makes the site stand out in the landscape, even if it isn't too hard to spot it, because a horrible high voltage power pylon towers over it, and acts as a beacon in the field.
The ash tree is taking over the place, and the wall seems to be eaten out by the tree trunk. There's a small white shrine with a statue of Our Lady enriched with some rosaries that visitors have left as a gift.
The tree has the function of a rag-tree and personal coloured items hang from its lower branches.
There's a gap in the southwest (200°) side of the enclosure and from here two steps lead down to the well itself which is under a heavy metal cover. The water is rather clear.
Outside the well enclosure, at 2.10 metres from it to the west, there's a slab decorated on both sides.
On the east face there's a crucifixion, but only half figure is shown, I don't know whether the slab is interred as much as it's tall.
On the west face there's a female figure seen in profile. There is also an inscription in capital letters, but it's worn out and, in addition, this side, just like the other one, has been defaced by the custom of carving a cross with a pebble by visitors to the well.
This slab measures 78 centimetres of height and 48.5 centimetres of width. The slab is 7 centimetres thick, the crucifixion carving projects by 4.3 centimetres from the east surface.
The crucifixion on the east side is very similar to the figure carved on the side of Castlemagner holy well, so possibly the figure at that site could be a crucifixion as well.

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