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N 54° 41' 22.32"   W 008° 46' 28.92"

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Malin More

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G 50051 82656

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Monday 12 June 2017

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The huge portal tomb seen from the north-northeast. The cairn is visible in the background.

In the tiny village of Malin More there's a wonderful alignment of portal tombs and a pair of standing stones over a quite straight line 175 metres long, on a roughly east to west axis.
I started with the large portal tomb at the east end of the alignment and I have numbered the monuments from 1 to 9. It has been speculated that monuments from 1 to 6 might have been joined and covered by a giant straight cairn.

This is the portal tomb number 6 in the alignment. It's in an adjacent field to the west from the first three monuments.
It's the second of the monuments to be slightly out of alignment, being it about 10 metres south of the imaginary line that runs east to west.
It's the biggest of the three in this field.
A giant portal stone stand at the northeast end of the monument. This stone is 2.80 metres tall and about 2.40 metres wide.
The other portal stone stands at 2.20 metres of height and is 1.60 metres wide at the base.
A rectangular and whitish standing stone sits in the middle between the two portal stones.
The tomb had two roofstones, one is still in place at the rear end of the burial chamber, the other one has slipped to the ground on the north side of the tomb. The rear end of the capstone still in place is 1.11 metres from the ground, thus giving an idea of the dimension of this monument which has an overall length of 6.38 metres.

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