Sarsfieldstown Cross




N 53° 39' 14.16"   W 006° 15' 27.3"

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O 15180 68540

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Sunday 26 June 2016

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The cross shaft is mounted on a large platform measuring 2.72 metres by 2.43 metres, and 70 centimetres high.

The fragment of a cross shaft is set into a stone base which in turn has been built on the top of a large stone platform measuring 2.72 metres by 2.43 metres, and 70 centimetres high, with three steps on its northeast (70°) side.
The monument is in a small plot of field, protected by a hedge and a fence on the east side of the R132.
The lower part on all four sides of the fragment carry a Latin inscription on three or four lines written with a Gothic lettering. The inscription continues around the edge of the stone base, which measures 97 centimetres by 73 centimetres.
According to some sources, the translation of the Latin inscription reads "Octavian, archbishop, Primate of All Ireland, has granted an indulgence of thirty days, in perpetuity, to every one, truly contrite, as often as they shall devoutly say an Our Father and Hail Mary for the souls of Sir Christopher Barnewall Kt. And Elizabeth Plunkett and of all the faithful departed".
Two figures, male and female, appear on the southwest and northeast sides of the fragment, they might be the two persons named in the inscription. Using those names as a reference, this cross could date to the early 16th century.
The fragment is 85 centimetres tall, 38 centimetres wide and 21 centimetres thick.
Some source say that this fragment of shaft and the one named Sarsfieldstown Cross 1, which is about 300 metres west, are from the same cross. In my opinion they are from two different crosses. The section sizes of the two fragments don't match, furthermore the style of decoration is quite different.
What a bad luck, it started raining heavily when I was visiting this monument!

This was our last visit for the year 2016.

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