Dromore High Cross




N 54° 24' 51.66"   W 006° 09' 04.98"

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H 19989 53328

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Friday 24 June 2016

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The high cross and the Dromore Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer.

This fine high cross is now next to the Dromore Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer, but once stood in the Market Square which is about 150 metres east.
The cross has been re-constructed, with the original head and lower part of the shaft, but the upper part of the shaft and the top of the cross were made in more modern times.
The modern part of the shaft bears an inscription which reads "The ancient historical cross of Dromore. Erected and restored after many years of neglect by public subscription to which the board of public works were contributor under the auspices of the town commissioners of Dromore co. Down 21 D 1887".
The cross faces the street to the southeast (110°). This side has a little more carvings on its surface with a cross carved in bas-relief on the head. There's a hollow in the centre of it. Panels with interlaced patterns are on the northeast and southwest sides of the lower section of the shaft. The rear side of this part of the shaft has a frame decorated with an interlaced motif. Below this frame is a strange mark, I could think it might be a mason's mark, but it is way too large an showy, moreover I have never seen a mason's mark on a high cross.
The modern half of the shaft has interlacing patterns and Celtic knots at both ends.
The cross is 4.70 metres tall, stands on a base that is 62 centimetres high, for a total height of the cross of 5.32 metres. The shaft is 70 centimetres wide at the base and the arms open at 1.92 metres.

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